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Welcome - please read first.

I am so pleased that you are here!

You will have received your essential oils, roller bottles and Once Upon An Oil Drop resources so now you are ready to get going! Firstly, I want to show you how your essential oils can help support you and your children in every aspect of wellbeing, it's truly remarkable!

  1. You can purchase more roller bottles, resources books, helpful tools from

  2. Find a cool, dark and safe place to store your oils. You can keep them in a roller bottle bag, handbag, cupboard, bedroom - whatever works best for you.

3. Purchase the Children's eBook in the shop section of the website so that you can learn how to

make your roller bottles, know where and how to use each oil and understand the safety


4. You can access any of the activities on this website. To print the activities and images

all you need to do is a screen shot and then print the screen shot - make sure the printer setting

is set to 'full size'.

5. Enjoy your oils and resources with your family!

Here are the Once Upon An Oil Drop character names and the matching doTERRA name to help. When you look into a doTERRA resource book you will see the name Deep Blue and the Once Upon An Oil Drop character is Sammy Soothing Blend.

Please feel free to print out these sheets and use as visual aid cards. They are great to help your child sequence events, including when to use essential oils.


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