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Tilly Tea Tree Activity #3

Mum! My head is itchy!

As parents, we hate getting that dreaded text from school to inform us that someone in our child's class has got head lice.

My children didn't know what head lice was as we've never had it in our home so it was a great chance to educate them on it.

I love how these essential oils save me a lot of money. The top voted treatment for nits by over a thousand parents costs £10.00 for a bottle of coconut oil in a shampoo treatment from Boots. Tea Tree works out at 6p a drop, you need 3 drops added to a 1/2 cup of coconut oil to treat you child - what an amazing saving!

The activity this week helps the children to understand what head lice is, how to try and prevent it but also how to treat it if someone was to get it in the home. The education is always about trying to raise awareness about replacing toxic items (such as nit lotion) in our home with natural solutions (pure essential oils) that have no harmful side effects for the children. Nit solution is also only 42% effective at getting rid of head lice whereas Tea Tree and coconut oil is 80% effective, and the lice comb is the only thing that targets the eggs.

There is a fab game which we ended up playing four times!

You will need Tilly Tea Tree essential oil, shampoo, conditioner, game sheet, counters and dice.

Discuss what head lice looks like and add Tea Tree to your shampoo and conditioner bottles.

Here is what you do if you were to get head lice.

Here is a nit checklist!

This is one of our favourite games so far! Our version of Snakes and Ladders - Nits and Tilly Tea Tree! If you land on the head of the nit, you go down. If you land on the feet of Tilly Tea Tree you go up! This is a good way to keep talking about how Tilly Tea Tree can help get rid of nits. Enjoy!


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