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Lola Lavender - Activity #3

Mum! Can I use your face cream?

My four year old daughter has become super conscious of what products I put onto my body. She watches me very carefully and often tries to take what I'm using. I haven't used anything toxic on my skin for 10 years now and often get compliments about how good my skin is - I use several different essential oils such as lavender, frankincense, yarrow pom, geranium and blue tansy as well as doTERRA's natural base cream which you can add oils to.

It is my absolute mission to raise Ella as naturally as possible and keep her away from the harmful chemicals and toxins that we find in our skin care and body products. On average, women put 168 chemicals on their bodies each day and these chemicals disrupt our hormonal levels which create a lot of health problems. So this week we've created a little beauty bag of goodies for Ella. Here are the recipes we used so that you can do the same with yours.

Face cream

I use doTERRA's toxin free body and face cream and then I add whatever essential oils I'd like to but Lavender is a favourite and that's what I'll start Ella on. This is also calming and soothing for children's skin if they suffer from irritable skin conditions.

You will need:

A natural face cream

doTERRA's Lavender essential oil

A small glass jar (no plastic use)

Toothpick or spoon

  1. Fill your glass jar with the natural face cream.

  2. Add 5 drops of doTERRA's Lavender essential oil.

  3. Use a tooth pick or a spoon to mix it all together.

  4. Show your child how to use the cream properly - don't go too close to the eyes.

  5. Use on arms and legs after a shower, on the face before bed.


We had so much fun making Ella's perfume bottles. Did you know that perfume is the most toxic thing in our homes and yet so many people put it on their skin and smell it!

You will need:

doTERRA's fractionated coconut oil/pump

doTERRA's Lavender essential oil, Wild Orange essential oil, Balance essential oil

5mL glass roller bottles


  1. Add 5 drops of Lavender to a roller bottle.

  2. Fill with fractionated coconut oil.

  3. Add the top and lid to the roller bottle.

  4. Place the label on top of the roller bottle.

  5. Roll under ears and on wrists - enjoy!

Hair care

We use doTERRA's shampoo and conditioner without any of the harmful chemicals and toxins.

We just add a few drops of Lavender essential oil into the shampoo and conditioner which helps with hair growth so I say to Ella that this shampoo is going to help her hair be like Rapunzel!

Ella keeps her face cream and perfumes in her bedroom to use. She knows how to use them safely and it's wonderful seeing her using these beautiful natural products. There are so many different ways to use Lavender to look after our skin and hair care but these are just a few ways to get going with your children. I'm hoping that Ella will continue to enjoy making her own toxic free self-care products.

To purchase the Lavender essential oil and the fractionated coconut oil then please go to the SHOP section of the website.


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