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Danny Digestive Blend Activity #2

Mum! My poo is stuck! This week's activity is all about helping the children feel comfortable in talking about their digestive system especially when their poo is stuck! There are many reasons for children to get constipated. Often it is simply a case of reminding them to go to the toilet as they can get too busy playing or that they are eating too many ultra-processed foods. This activity helps the children to discuss what constipation is and what things help constipation. It enables the children to sort through pictures of food so that they can decide for themselves which food is good for their tummy and which foods aren't. It's always good to get the children to set a goal or one thing they would like to improve to support their digestive health.

  • Childhood constipation accounts for 3–5% of general paediatric consultations [Mutyala, 2020] and 10–25% of paediatric gastroenterology referrals.

  • The prevalence of childhood constipation is 10–20% in the UK, depending on the criteria used for diagnosis [Auth, 2012].

  • In the UK, 30% of children aged 4–11 years will have constipation lasting less than 6 months, and 5% will have constipation lasting more than 6 months.

  • Peak incidence of constipation is at the time of toilet training (typically around 2–3 years of age) [Afzal, 2011].

  • Constipation is largely under-reported as the signs and symptoms frequently go unrecognised. It may manifest with withholding behaviours to prevent the painful passage of stools; these are often confused with straining. Parents may not be aware of the link between soiling and constipation.

Of course, Danny Digestive Blend is here to help! His role is to help bring the digestive system back into balance. The children will love rolling him on their feet and clockwise around their tummy each morning and evening to help. He will be a great resource to us as parents especially when the children are learning how their bodies work.

Activity #2

Sit with your child and discuss what constipation actually is.

Look at things you can do to help support your digestive system when you are constipated.

You can print and cut out/discuss which foods are healthy or unhealthy for our digestive system.

Get your child to think about reducing one thing in their diet that is on the unhealthy list and to implement one new food that is on the healthy list into their diet.


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