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Danny Digestive Blend Activity #1

All things related to poo!

I'm so excited to be talking about Danny Digestive Blend! I think as a mum, poo issues have quite literally done my head in! I will be sharing some wonderful ways that you can use Danny Digestive Blend to help support everyone's digestive system. Children often struggle with digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating, irritable bowel, nausea, sickness bugs etc. Danny Digestive Blend really is an incredible essential oil blend to help!

This week's activity is helping to introduce the character of Danny Digestive Blend to the children and to be more aware of when they poo and what their poo looks like. This helps the children get on board with being more involved in their digestive health. All the resources, as always, are in the File Share section of the website, and you will need your colouring sheet and songbook and music.

Activity #3

Get the children to listen to the Danny Digestive Blend song as they look at/read along the lyrics in the songbook. Discuss how the oil can help and what to do with it.

Get the children to have a look at their poo! What does it look like? Can they make it out of play dough and see what type of poo it is? Help the children to recognise what a healthy poo should look like.

Get the children to monitor how often they poo. This is a great way to get them involved in being aware of their bodily functions!

Zac and Ella loved making poo out of play dough and creating silly jokes about poo! They've already started to tick off when they poo and be more aware of what their poo looks like and whether it looks healthy or not.


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