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Danny Digestive Blend Activity #3

Mum! My poo is still stuck!

This week's activity enables the children to recap on the importance of eating appropriate foods to support a healthy digestive system. This is one way to look after our digestive health. There is a 'Pairs' game where the children can match items of food from their original to their cooked state e.g. popping corn to popcorn. It was really fun playing it with the children!

The second part of the activity is helping the children to understand that exercise and deep breathing, as well as using Danny Digestive Blend morning and evening, are also great lifestyle habits to implement to support our digestive system. I'm sure your children already implement moving their bodies but if not, this is a chance to help them think about improving that by moving their bodies in a way that they love and is fun for them. My kids go to martial arts club, they love to scooter, swim and ride their bike, but what they love most is dancing to pop music in the kitchen and moving their bodies that way!

Another way is to breath deeply and there is a great activity where the children can make up their wolf mask and pretend to blow down the 3 Little Pigs homes. I had this cut out ready a few years ago and kept in the bathroom to help my child do deep breaths whilst they were on the toilet. It made the experience a bit more fun!

Danny Digestive Blend is such a wonderful essential oil to support our own and our children's digestive health. It is a wonderful addition to eating well, exercising and breathing deeply.

Activity #3

Cut out these food items, mix them around and get the children to match them up - popping corn goes with popcorn for example. All of these foods are good for the digestive system so the children can try any that they've not tried before.

For the younger children, a great way to help support them if they are constipated is to do some deep breathing as the diaphragm pushes down on the digestive system. The children could even make their own houses out of materials that you already have or they can blow this sheet.

The children will love cutting out and making a wolf mask which will help them to role play 'blowing' which will help their digestive system without them really knowing!


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