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Tilly Tea Tree Activity #2

Mum! My ear hurts!

We've all been there - our child starts crying saying they've got ear ache. It's the middle of the night - what do we do? I'm here to share that Tilly Tea Tree is a wonderful natural solution to help. Once I've looked at the NHS website to learn what the protocol is (they don't give out antibiotics for ear aches), I'm at ease knowing that I can support my children with Tilly Tea Tree essential oil. I roll it around their ears and feet every 15 minutes, lay their ear on a hot water bottle, get a large drink of water and some ice pops, and the pain has subsided within two hours - every single time.

The activity for the children this week is all about helping the children to understand that they can use Tilly Tea Tree essential oil before and after swimming to help support their immune system. There are 27,000 diseases that can be caught from our swimming pool water! I don't want to scare anyone from going swimming but my message is that we can help support our health using Tilly Tea Tree. If you have a story book about going swimming then you can read that too and use that to talk about incorporating Tilly Tea Tree into your swimming routine.

This video gives you a quick glimpse into our activity.

You will need: The Tilly Tea Tree colouring page, the Tilly Tea Tree song, the word search and swimming items.

Gather what you would normally put in your swim bag and put on the table along with your Tilly Tea Tree roller bottle. Introduce how you are now going to roll it around the ears and bottoms of feet before and after you go swimming. Model it on a dolly or teddy if needed. You can apply it at home or at the swimming pool.

Colour in the Tilly Tea Tree colouring page from your colouring book.

Ear aches:


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