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Tilly Tea Tree - Activity #1

Mum! I don't feel well!

Supporting the Immune System with Tilly Tea Tree

Tea Tree essential oil is regarded as the first aid oil that every home needs. It has many wonderful properties that can support our health and wellbeing. I have called it Tilly to help make it more memorable to the children - Tilly Tea Tree! It has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-sceptic properties.

Here is a video of Ella and I doing the activity.

Topic: Where does Tilly Tea Tree come from?

You will need: a world map, a phone/ipad, Tea Tree bottle, roller bottle, carrier oil and pump, label, Tilly Tea Tree poster.

Show image of Tilly Tea Tree and discuss what the child can see.

Show a world map and guess where Tilly Tea Tree is sourced from. Point to Australia on the map.

Watch a video explaining how Tea Tree is sourced. Can you spot any kangaroos?

Open the bottle of Tea Tree and smell it together. Make your roller bottle by following the guidelines. Practise rolling it on each other's feet.

Listen to the Tilly Tea Tree song several times to become familiar with it whilst reading the lyrics from the song book.


Here are some ways to support the body's immune system with Tilly Tea Tree essential oils for adults and children:

  • diffuse a few drops of Tea Tree in the room where you are playing/sitting and in the bedroom at night time

  • rub on the bottom of feet morning and evening during the winter months as a good daily habit to support the body's immune system

  • rub a drop of Tea Tree onto a hot water bottle at night time

  • rub on the back of the neck before children go to school

  • if the child shares they have a sore throat then roll Tilly Tea Tree up and down the throat area every couple of hours until symptoms ease

  • for adults only - if you have a sore throat then add a drop of Tea Tree to a small glass of water and gargle for a minute. You can either swallow or spit out - whatever you are comfortable with.


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