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Louise Wade - Founder

Louise is the founder of Once Upon An Oil Drop. She is passionate about helping essential oil education be accessible to children, especially children and young people with additional needs. Louise has spent many years teaching children with medical and special educational needs at Great Ormond Street Hospital.  She is also a qualified massage therapist, reflexologist, nutritionist and essential oil specialist. Louise is married and has two young children and as a family they use essential oils daily to support their health and wellbeing. Louise is excited to help families learn how to use essential oils in the home and hopes to influence thousands of children through fun and enjoyable songs, games and activities so that they can make healthier decisions as they grow up.

Beth Fletcher - Children's Illustrator

Beth is a freelance illustrator and babywear designer, who specialises print, pattern and all things cute! Her designs have been used on products for many retailers across the UK and abroad, featuring on childrens clothing, fabrics, stationary, children’s books and greetings cards. Her clients have included Primark, John Lewis, Walmart and Moonpig to name a few. When she’s not busy drawing she likes to spend her time cooking, crafting, and exploring London where she lives with her partner.

Nadia Mair - Music Composer

Nadia is a music composer who loves collaborating with people on any sort of passionate project.  Her work ranges from composing for films to composing for creators like YouTubers and podcasters, to working with small businesses and choreographers.  She loves the feeling of bringing a project to life with music, along with the challenge of creating something new.  While her life mostly revolves around music, she also enjoys spending time with her husband, cooking, dancing and travelling.

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