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Empowering mums to ditch toxins and raise healthy, happy kids naturally

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Mums!  Our kids are growing up in a sea of toxicity.  The well-being of our children and teenagers is increasingly threatened by emotional and physical challenges and I'm here to help the many concerned parents that are seeking natural remedies to support their children's health. 


Welcome to Once Upon An Oil Drop, where I empower families seeking to embrace the power of pure essential oils and natural solutions, steering away from toxic products and lifestyle habits. I understand the challenges you face on this journey: navigating conflicting information, ensuring safety and efficacy, finding solutions that are sustainable and cost effective, finding accessible and engaging educational resources, and incorporating wellness practices seamlessly into your busy lifestyle. So I've made things incredible simple.

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For the past 10 years, I've taught hundreds of families how to use pure essential oils to benefit their physical and emotional wellbeing. My career has spanned across 30 years working in the education and holistic world. I have found that many mothers are looking for natural solutions to use in the home and feel passionate about wanting to empower their children for a healthier future. All of my resources and educational tips are aimed at making essential oil education accessible to all, making it fun and easy to implement in our busy day to day lives but most importantly - making a positive impact on our health.  I am also very keen to help support other mums and professionals who are looking to work from home and build a business helping others with natural health care. I look forward to helping you too! 

And we all oiled happily ever after...


Love Louise xxx


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